Company Website Creation
"It was awesome. He did a great job and I'm glad I hired him."
CEO & Founder - Omene Emmanuel
Website creation
Application AskMe

Based in the Netherlands, Cradaptive is a company specializing in applications and games for finance, academics, Bluetooth, GPS, AR / VR, CRM.
Développement site Web
We have created a Corporate website for the Cradaptive company in order to present their services in the digital world (applications and games for finance, academics, on-demand services, meetings, Bluetooth, GPS, AR / VR, CRM, etc.)

The two-color - green & white site with four main menus is fluid and easy to use and view, helping customers quickly find what they are looking for.
Technologies used

WebShop Solutions

WebShop Solutions facilitates the establishment of your enterprise's online presence, enabling your clientele to locate you effortlessly via a superior-grade website.
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