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Hosting is the infrastructure for storing your website files on a server that is permanently connected to the Internet. This allows you to display websites and make them visible on a search engine or in a web browser.

For the creation of a website, you need a domain name and hosting.
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Server cluster
Additionally, hosting not only publishes a website, but is also essential for:

◼ The security of your website which depends on the correct server configuration and code
◼ The loading speed and fluidity of your site content, images, videos or dynamic effects
◼ The speed of data transfer between users
◼ The support offered
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In order to ensure a secure and efficient online presence for our customers, we use the following technologies:
Our company, WebShop Solutions is even more concerned with the proper functioning and efficient management of websites and as a result we have chosen to use one of the best web hosts in the world, Digital Ocean, for our clients' projects.
Digital Ocean

Used by large companies like Blal bla car, Accenture, jQuery, etc., Digital Ocean is a cloud-based infrastructure provider that offers reliable and easy-to-use virtual servers and object storage.

Founded in 2011, Digital Ocean is a modern and visionary company that has been delivering high performance servers in many different locations around the world for over a decade.

Thus, WebShop Solutions offers all customers a solution that guarantees optimal hosting conditions for websites!
 Google G Suite - Google Drive
Because you can never be too careful in the digital world, we also use a file storage and synchronization system for the daily backup for all your websites.

Thus, in an exceptional situation, your site keeps its files, which can be quickly found thanks to the use of Google Drive.
In order to ensure a secure and efficient online presence for our clients anywhere in the world we offer our clients CDN services offered by Cloudflare which are configured and integrated on our servers for each website created with us.

Thanks to the Content Delivery Network (CDN), your websites load quickly anywhere in the world, whether it's Belgium, Japan or Hawaii.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)
NodeJS (which executes JavaScript on the server) is an alternative to server languages like PHP, Java or Python.

Thanks to its unique I / O model, it is able to handle a large number of simultaneous connections with high throughput, which equates to a greater capacity to host visitors on the same server.

For example, a site created with NodeJS is 10X faster than a website created with PHP.
That’s why it’s not surprising that many major and popular industry leaders have chosen to rely on NodeJs
Netflix, the world's leading Internet TV network with over 117 million users.
Walmart is the world's largest retailer with approximately $ 481.32 billion in global net sales in 2017.
PayPal, one of the biggest fintech leaders, has also entrusted its back-end development to NodeJs.
LinkedIn, the largest professional social network in the world, also transferred its server-side code entirely to Node.js.
  With around 170 million active users, Ebay, multinational electronic commerce company, has always been open to new technologies.
NASA  also uses NodeJS for its various projects.  ❗❗
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