Natural referencing (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization


Natural referencing or SEO is the optimization of the content of your site for search engines such as Google or Bing in order to attract more visitors and potential customers.

Increasing traffic to your website through its search engine optimized content directly contributes to growing your profit and profitability.

How Can SEO Services
Improve Your Online Presence?


In order to be able to develop the referencing of your website, you first need a detailed analysis and more specifically:

◾ The presence of your site on search engines
◾ Your website analytics
◾ Your Google Search Console data
◾ And more
SEO audit of the site
If you want to develop your business further, natural referencing is the solution of excellence in the long term!


The second step is to look for keywords that will make your site appear in the search engine results of your targeted audience.

This is why keyword research is essential to the success of an SEO strategy.
Keyword research


The most important element to have effective natural referencing (SEO) is the quality of your website content which must be relevant, meaningful and have lots of keywords.

Other types of content:
◾ Blogs ◾ News ◾ Service Pages, etc
Adaptation / Creation of content


Page Optimizations means optimizing the code your pages so that your site is more visible to search engines.

To do this we use a series of elements such as:
- The responsive option
- Graphic elements, images and videos
- Quality of your content
- Speed, smooth navigation

Optimization of pages
✔ Quality of your content

The quality of the content of your site is more than essential and the search engines take it into account thanks to the relevance of the keywords and the subjects covered in each page.

These elements can make your website rank higher in the results pages:
◾ Content with a high number of words
◾ Easy readability
◾ Fast loading speed
◾ Unique information
✔ Speed and smooth navigation

The speed and navigation of a website are important elements for your customers who do not have the patience to wait more than 3 or 4 seconds for a site to load.

Very important to mention is the fact that, the most used platform in the world, Google, highlights sites that load faster than others! 
 The responsive option

Indispensable for the modern web, the responsive option is essential for your website. By having this option, the content, images and / or videos will be well placed even on smaller screens such as smartphones, tablets, etc.

For more information about this option you can click here.

 Graphic elements, images and videos

In order to have better conversion and interactivity on your website, it is important to add photos / videos, graphics and animations.

When you include these interactive elements, you allow users to fully engage with your content.

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WebShop Solutions pays great attention to natural referencing or SEO by indexing information, analyzing and researching keywords and strategies to increase your site's visibility on search engines, thereby attracting more prospects.
Search engine optimization


Whatever the search engines of your customers, WebShop Solutions gives special attention to each project and creates for you professional websites visible everywhere on the internet.

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