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Matthew Kimberley

Matthew is a business coach and speaker passionate about entrepreneurship who sets out to help businesses make more profit.

Matthew Kimberley's website is a classic site with a simple black and white theme, with light animations and landscape photos.
The site includes 6 menus including a Blog and a Podcast which is trendy and which also represents a way of creating a stronger synergy with its target audience.
Matthew Kimberley - Coach

Studies and advice


TransPerfect is the world's largest private provider of language services and related technologies.

The TransPerfect website showcases on its home page a set of images in an interesting slide of all the cities where the company is headquartered. This plus all of the success numbers shown has an immediate trust effect on its visitors.
TransPerfect - We Know How
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  Computer science /  Telecoms

Orange is one of the world's leading telecommunications operators. The Group is present in 26 countries, particularly in Europe, Africa and the West Indies.

On their website, the emphasis is on the advantages that the Orange company offers its customers in a format of text and numbers above all, the image is in the background. In the footer, there are several categories where visitors can click and enter different different important parts of the site. The colors, apart from the logo which is orange, are black, white and gray.
Orange - Telecommunications


Mondassur is a company specializing in international mobility offering different types of services including expatriate insurance, travel insurance, etc.

The fairly classic Mondassur site highlights its field of activity (specific health coverage).The use of shades of orange and white helps maintain consistency and graphic simplicity.
Mondassur - Travel Insurance

 Fashion and Creative Industries

Zazen, France
Zazen is a famous hairdressing salon in France.

This site is black & white. Like all websites in this industry, this one features a collage of photos and little text as a whole. Responsive and compatible with the majority of browsers, this site is perfect for presenting this type of industry.
 Zazen, France


Balfour Beatty - Infrastructure group
Balfour Beatty
Balfour Beatty is a leading international infrastructure group that develops and builds complex infrastructure such as transportation systems, electricity, utilities, etc. 

The site highlights on its home page the productions already made, both in photos and video.The menu at the top of the pages allows for very smooth and pleasant navigation within the site.
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 Transport and logistics

H Essers is an international logistics company

The H. Essers company has a modern, showcase-type Company site with smooth navigation. On the home page in the first part there are 2 bars with the menu, a video about the company's services, after that there are numbers that represent the seats, the successes, the employees etc. Below is a section where the company offers visitors to the site news about this industry.
H. Essers - Logistique

 Pharmaceutical industry

Novartis - Pharmaceutical industry
Novartis belongs to the pharmaceutical industry. As a world leader in medicines, it creates transformative treatments.

Like the majority of classic sites, Norvartis highlights images and text on a white background. The menus at the top of the pages allow very smooth and pleasant navigation within the site. Like other sites in 2020, Norvartis offers visitors news. The information is very rich in content and clearly laid out.

 Machinery and equipment /  Automotive

Founded in 1963, Automobili Lamborghini is headquartered in Sant'Agata Bolognese, a town near Bologna, Italy and produces some of the world's most sought after super sports cars.

As in Fashion and Creative Industries, this site emphasizes images and text takes a back seat. It is about showcasing marketed products in their best light. The titles are well laid out and the navigation menus are shared discreetly both at the top and at the bottom of the site so as not to overshadow the images.
Lamborghini - Rewind to Read-Wheel drive
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