9 examples of E-Commerce Websites for Inspiration

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To help you, the WebShop Solutions team has put together a list of famous e-commerce sites for you.
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1. Apple 
If you like the classic, the Apple website is more representative. By using a black and gray theme, Apple sets itself apart from all other brands.
It should also be noted its menu which is at the top of the pages and allows very smooth and pleasant navigation both on computer and on mobile.
Apple - iPhone
2. Ikea
Ikea is second on our list for its intuitiveness and simplicity.

Apart from other E-Commerce Websites, at Ikea we find a multitude of categories and various products which are very well compartmentalized. In addition, the Ikea site presents a collage of very suggestive photos.
Ikea - Home furniture
 3. Atypique
Atypique is an online store based in France.
When entering their site, we find a set of images and colors specific to the products it offers (rare, original and fun objects: everything that is most Atypical and more stylish).

Responsive and compatible with the majority of browsers, this site is perfect for presenting this type of industry.
 Atypique - E-Commerce
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4. Kylie Cosmetics
With amazing success even since its inception, the Kylie Jenner KardashianKylie Cosmetic's website continues to develop in the E-Commerce universe every day.
Like all websites in this industry, this one features a collage of well-done photos.The colors are clear and the pale pink and black color predominates on a white background, an effect thanks to which we observe a better advance of the photos and therefore of the products.
Kylie Cosmetics - E-Shop
5. Moonultra
Next on our list is the E-Commerce site of Moonultra
Moonultra surprises its visitors with an innovative design and various effects.
 The combination of white, black and orange colors, high quality photos and videos indicate a modern and stylish look of the products they offer.
Moonultra - E-Commerce
6. Spotify
The famous website of Spotify uses colorful landscape photos on a black and white theme to grab users' attention.
Spotify is one of the best examples of simplistic and functional ecommerce sites.
Spotify - Unlimited Music
7. Queen Garnet
Queen Garnet - E-Commerce
Next on our list of business site examples is Queen Garnet. The antioxidant plum company uses innovative design to showcase its products.
Queen Garnet uses an exciting and colorful design that matches their products and branding. To have a successful eCommerce website, you need to carry your design consistently throughout your site and make sure it matches your brand.

Queen Garnet is a great example of how you can do this for your business.
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8. Adidas
Adidas - E-Commerce
Next on our list of ecommerce site examples is Adidas. Like other websites, Adidas incorporates their brand colors in black and white throughout their site.
For easy navigation and a smooth visitor experience, the Adidas site is known for the ability to preview the different color choices available for all products.
9. Dainty Jewells
Dainty Jewells - E-Commerce
The 9th and last online store on this list is Dainty Jewells who is in the fashion industry and offers clothing for women.
The high-quality typeface and images reveal a special style and indicate a feminine and elegant approach. 
Overall, Dainty Jewells does a great job of incorporating their sleek, girly style throughout the website which is key to boosting brand recognition.
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